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Red Music by Michael Canning

May 8th, 2014
Michael Canning, Red Music, 2014, ink, acrylic, soot, charcoal, graphite & collage, 48 x 36"

Red Music, 2014

We are very pleased to share an image of Red Music, Michael Canning’s new drawing that incorporates charcoal, soot, ink, acrylic paint, graphite & collage elements.  The scale is grand at 48 x 36″ and Michael matches the fragile and yet defiant beauty of this flowering plant with his rugged, almost brutal treatment of the paper and chosen materials.


Drawings by Mark Goodwin @ INK

December 2nd, 2013

Mark Goodwin writes of his work,”I am the maker. In fact I am in many ways a very skilled maker, but my work is often about ignoring those skills. When trying to lose control of your skills to let things happen otherwise, it is a push pull, going back and forth between in control and not being in control. Taking crude material and transforming it into something where it becomes something more than what it was.”

Goodwin brings tremendous skill to his works on paper which are often heavily worked — the paper is creased from behind to form patterns, from the other side ridges hold paint that is then abraded and perhaps repainted. Mark Goodwin maps out a pattern or system that sets up a way to understand what happens in his work. But the system willfully turns on itself and we are required to slow down for some further looking and only then we become aware of other layers of simultaneous information. Like a well crafted story the work is only fully comprehended after all meanings are given full consideration. Like the reader, the viewer is rewarded for a careful read of Mark Goodwin.

Mark Goodwin Viewing Room, milk paint & collage

Mark Goodwin Viewing Room, milk paint & collage, 30 x 22″

New Sarah Lutz monoprints @ INK

December 1st, 2013

Sarah Lutz’s new abstract monoprints layer fields of bright strong color with cellular and flower imagery to create a sense of weightlessness. Elements appear to float in a color based environment while scale changes imply deep or infinite space.
Sarah has exhibited nationally and most recently at the Painting Center in New York. Lutz was also recently awarded a residency at MAPspace in Port Chester, NY where she developed a collaborative installation.

Sarah Lutz Hanging Garden Series V, monoprint

Sarah Lutz Hanging Garden Series V, monoprint

Recent works on paper by Rachel Selekman

November 27th, 2013

Rachel Selekman’s works on paper entice the viewer with unusual if everyday materials, compelling imagery and process-rich construction. Metallic threads burst out of brass watering can roses and swirls of charcoal accentuated with glass beads mimic the flow of water. Hands are outstretched and crotches sprout roots. The majority of the works on paper are built incrementally, often using delicate vintage materials. Hand-sewing is a dominant mode of construction, though many works are also collaged.

The most recent works on paper, those from the Fifty series, which were started just prior to turning fifty and are still ongoing, are about time passing, one phase ending and another beginning, sadness and loss versus hope and expectation. But they are also an opportunity to explore the themes and imagery that have interested me for years as well as branch out in new directions, laying the groundwork for future larger-scale works on paper.
We will show a selection of Rachel’s works on paper at INK Art Fair 2013.

Rachel Selekman Fifty (15), gold ink & graphite

Rachel Selekman Fifty (15), gold ink & graphite

Large scale abstract woodcuts by Christopher Hartshorne

November 26th, 2013

Christopher Hartshorne makes unique large scale abstract woodcuts from multiple blocks. Amze Emmons put it well: “Creating work that has the feeling of intuitive, gestural abstraction, Hartshorne successfully stakes out some new territory in the now crowded field of monochromatic relief printing.”
“Working on very large rolls of paper with asymetrical compositions, the work has the presence of immense Asian scrolls in form, but the imagery is much more ephemeral, emphasizing process and making direct if abstract references to natural forms. The use of stencils, repeat printing blocks and idiosyncratic compositional breaks also seem to vaguely reference Rosenquist’s large canvases of cross-cut content. This is strong and inspiring work that seems unconcerned with current trends.” (Printeresting, September 5, 2011)
“The bold shift from his previous work is the introduction of color, which Hartshorne approaches with a disconcerting lack of caution. The prints are intensely beautiful but also optically intense. In an moment where sophisticated color relationships are a readily available commodity to purposely push color relationships into a corner where they start to become dangerous is a bold decision. The introduction of color adds a myriad of new levels of possibility to Hartshorne’s work. The visible signatures of process in Hartshorne’s work speak of an complicated relationship between careful planning and intuitive response.”  (Printeresting, May 5, 2013)
Dolan/Maxwell will have a selection of Christopher’s prints at INK art fair 2013, Miami Beach.

Christopher Hartshorne Lattice Energy 2013

Christopher Hartshorne Lattice Energy 2013

Steven Ford out of Ireland

July 2nd, 2013

Steven Ford worked in the print studio of the Ballinglen Arts Foundation as an invited Fellow in late 2012. We’re including here four prints showing Steve’s reaction to the bleak Winter landscape of County Mayo, where colors pop with intensity under the watercolor-grey skies. Steve enjoyed some extremely wet weather, describing the blanket bogs as giant sponge. A worm-eaten, discarded plank became a matrix to express the water-veiled way the world looks in Ballycastle, Ireland. Another work from Ford’s time in Ireland can be seen amongst his works on the main page of our site, Untitled (N0115O). All works are linocut, collagraph & relief from the above mentioned plank with chine colle; each measures approximately 44 x 30″ are signed and dated (2013), in verso. They are available at $4500 each.

Untitled (N0115H) Untitled (N0115H)

Untitled (N0115H) on left and Untitled (N0115H) on right

Untitled (N0115J) Untitled (N0115K)

Untitled (N0115J) on left and Untitled (N0115K) on right

Ryan Parker

May 9th, 2013

Ryan Parker has made a new series of prints that follows his playful approach to constructing imagined spaces.  They are called Windows new print works combine etching and aquatint from a series of plates.  Once the plates are printed, windows are cut into the sheet and filled by printed sheets trimmed from other plates.  Perhaps they are best explained by example.  Here we include Windows IV and Windows VII.  Please get in touch if you’d like to see images of the rest of this series or more of Ryan’s work.






Each print in the series is unique and measures 19 3/4 x 29 5/8″

drawings by Michael Canning

April 10th, 2013

Michael Canning works in Limerick, Ireland.  His first Fellowship at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation in County Mayo, Ireland was in 2007 and he’s returned in 2009, 2011 and 2012.  A solo exhibition of drawings and sculpture was presented in the gallery at Ballinglen in the Autumn of 2012.  Canning’s drawings are the handsome results of a process that alternates between applying materials (paints, soot, ink graphite, and collage elements) and breaking down the surface with abrasive materials.   Color is restrained and the plants depicted feel both fragile and monumental in vast, deep space set up by the low horizon line.

Pictured here is Governance, 2009, 48 x 36″.  We have other works and we will happily provide images if you contact us.




November 16th, 2012

Additional Contemporary and Modern artists as well as our collections of African American, Atelier 17, and WPA artists will be featured on this page.