Peter Brooke
Michael Canning
Lynne Clibanoff
Amze Emmons
Steven Ford
Nona Hershey
David Kelso
David Shapiro
Rachel Selekman
Donald Teskey
Shelley Thorstensen
Cheryl Warrick
New Artists


Fred Becker
Morris Blackburn
Stanley William Hayter
Paul Keene
Thomas Lias
Helen Phillips
Judith Rothschild
Benton M. Spruance
Dox Thrash

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Thomas Lias

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Born, Dayton, Pennsylvania, 1903; died Dayton Pennsylvania 1960


Carnegie Institute of Tehnology, B. A.
Carnegia Institute of Technoloty, Graduate 1928-36
State University of Iowa, M. A. 1946
State University of Iowa, M. F. A. 1947
Esculela Universitaria de Bellas Arts, Mexico, (Wood Sculpture), Summer 1947
State University of Iowa, 1950-1952


One Man Exhibitions
Associated Artists Galleries, Pittsburgh, PA 1937 & 1938
Florida State University, 1948
Research Studio, Maitland, FL 1950
Des Moines Art Center, May, 1951
South Bend Art Association, 1952
25 Years of Painting-Print-Sculpture, Ohio Wesseyan University 1953
Wooster College, 1953
Canton Art Institute, 1953
Akron Art Institute, 1953


Group Exhibitions
Art Institute of Chicago
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
Brooklyn Museum



Allentown Art Museum

Hundred Friends of Pittsburgh
Brooklyn Museum
Davenport Art Museum
Research Studio
Dayton Art Institute
Des Moines Art Center
South Bend Art Museum