23rd Annual NcNay Print Fair
March 1-3 2019
San Antonio Texas

Art on Paper
March 7-10 2019
Pier 36 299 South Street
New York, New York

Thursday March 7: 6pm to 10pm

Friday March 8: 11am to 7pm
Saturday March 9: 11am to 7pm
Sunday March 10: 12noon to 6pm

Philadelphia Art & Antiques Show
April 26-28, 2019
Navy Yard
11th & Kitty Hawk Avenue
Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Thursday April 25- 6pm-9pm

Friday, April 26 – 11am – 8pm
Saturday, April 27 – 11am – 8pm
Sunday, April 28 – 11am – 5:00pm

(Free self-parking)

McNay Print Fair, San Antonio Texas

February 27th, 2019

We are delighted to return to San Antonio for the 23rd Annual McNay Print Fair.

We have selected over 100 prints and works on paper for the fair and here is summary of what we can be seen, discussed and purchased at the fair.

We will show group of etchings with screen print by Contemporary Texas artist, Trenton Doyle Hancock along with important works by African American artists Dox Thrash, Charles White, Mary Lee Bendolph (of Gees Bend),  Elizabeth Catlett, Ed Clark, Eldzior Cortor, Melvin Edwards, Dexter Davis and Herbert Gentry.  We will show for the first time an exceptional and vibrant group of paintings on paper by  Cheryl Warrick

Contemporary European & American works by Matthew Colaizzo, Michael Canning, Victoria Burge, Steven Ford, David Kelso, Donald Teskey, Amze Emmons, Nona Hershey, Deborah Pinter, Shelley Thorstensen, and Peter Brooke.

Modern works important prints made in the 1940s by Morris Blackburn, Judith Rothschild, Benton Spruance.  And engravings from historic and widely influential Atelier 17 made during its existence in New York City (1940-1955) by Stanley William Hayter, Helen Phillips, Alice Trumbull Mason and Fred Becker.  Dolan/Maxwell represents the estates of Hayter, Becker and Phillips.  Works we show come from their families and we’ve included the copper plate to be sold with an impression of Helen Phillips’s Catch.  Additionally, we will exhibit for the first time Ville Ripuare 1962, a rare engraving in carved plaster by Roger Vieillard (French 1907-1989).  Vieillard was a long time friend and close associate to Hayter.

We look forward to meeting you at the McNay.


Roger Vieillard Ville Ripuaire 1962 GR 450 engraving in carved plaster

Roger Vieillard Ville Ripuaire 1962 GR 450
engraving in carved plaster

Cheryl Warrick-Leverage-II-2018 acrylic & monoprint

Cheryl Warrick-Leverage-II-2018 acrylic & monoprint

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