Matthew Colaizzo American, b. 1983

"The thing that has most drawn me to the printmaking process the is the fact that the artist has to work in collaboration with the matrix. My own approach to making prints is to let the dimensional lumber come through with as much voice as the drawing.  The pine boards that I buy from The Home Depot are a processed commodity far removed from their original source. The machining marks work in concert with the grain and knots, and the measurable extent of the boards is shown through the scale of the print.

The images are part of an ongoing body of work that investigates our human mark on the planet.  The process starts with researching locations where land is being used as a commodity, such as quarries, mines, foundations for buildings, etc. These are the landscapes that inspire the prints, which are drawn and printed in a way that blurs the line between natural and unnatural. They examine our place on earth with ideas about geography, natural history, human progress and the Anthropocene."   - Matthew Colaizzo