Dox Thrash: An American Journey from Georgia to Philadelphia : High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA

January 10 - May 10, 2015

Dox Thrash: An American Journey from Georgia to Philadelphia is an exhibition of 40 works on paper, drawings, watercolors, etchings, lithographs, relief and Thrash’s invention, the carborundum mezzotint. Superb works dating from the 1920s to 1960 are on loan from private collections in Georgia, Philadelphia and Washington, DC. Several have not been exhibited publicly in decades for a rare opportunity to see a range of works that tell the story of the life of this highly important and yet little known artist. Comparative impressions of works made with Thrash’s carborundum mezzotint technique demonstrate the changes that the copper plates with through as they developed.

Prior to traveling to the High Museum of Art this exhibition was presented at the Asheville Art Museum, NC and Georgia College Museum of Art, Milledgeville, GA. It is the first one-man exhibition for Thrash in his home state of Georgia. Thrash was born in 1893 in Griffin.


This exhibition was organized by Carlos Herrera of Georgia College Museum of Art and Ron Rumford of Dolan/Maxwell.