Morris Blackburn: PAFA Modernist, Works 1939-1949: The Alumni Gallery, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA

February 15 - April 21, 2013

Morris Blackburn attended PAFA from 1925 to 1929, where he studied with Arthur Carles, Henry McCarter and Daniel Garber and won PAFA’s prestigious Cresson Traveling Scholarship. In 1936, he began taking private classes with Arthur Carles. At this time, Blackburn said, “It was Carles who impressed me with the deep sense of the importance of being a painter.” It was during this period that Blackburn’s paintings and prints evolved into abstraction.

Featured are 25 works by Blackburn dating from the late 1930s and continuing through the 1940. In addition to his work as a painter, he is well known for his accomplishments as an etcher, engraver and lithographer.

This exhibition is presented in collaboration with Dolan/Maxwell.