Rachel Selekman

Making Connections
Susan Homer, editor

Publisher: Rachel Selekman, 2013.

Pages: 67
$28. post paid

A celebration of the handmade and the dynamics of human relationships, this survey catalogue of contemporary artist Rachel Selekman's sculpture and works on paper offers a welcome antidote to our present-day obsession with virtual communication. Using time-honored craftsmanship and a distinctive lexicon of commonplace objects, Selekman gives tangible form to complex emotions surrounding such universal themes as desire, loss, growth, nurturing, sexuality, and mortality in her mixed-media 2-D and 3-D works. The catalogue includes numerous color images of Selekman's sculpture and works on paper from the late 1980s to 2014, as well as an essay by Margaret Mathews-Berenson on the development of her sculpture, placing it in an art historical context relative to the Surrealists, Marcel Duchamp, and twentieth-century women artists like Louise Bourgeois and Eva Hesse, and one by Sue Scott devoted to the artist's works on paper.