Another Place: Landscapes since 1958

January 26 - March 26, 2021 Online Exhibitions
Good times or not so good times, a satisfying landscape is always welcome. As we continue to cope with the challenges that began last year, gathering this group of works, the earliest made in 1958 while a few were only completed just weeks ago, seemed like a worthy idea. While many of the paintings, drawings, and prints are based on observation, we include works that begin from an intuitive and experiential approach. Each work speaks to a relationship its maker has with the natural world and invites us to contemplate those connections and what each artist chose to share, allowing us to consider their point of view. While landforms, bodies of water, or clouds provide a visual structure, each work suggests an atmosphere, a quality of space and air. We like to think these are places our minds can go, which is essential when our bodies cannot. Careful looking can fulfill our desire to escape our space, and explore another place.